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Winifred Kelsey Riser


Instagram: Winifredriser



Acrylic, watercolor and ink                                                                          2000 - present

Work shown in Kinder Morgan Exhibition Series                                       2018 - 2020

Merit Award, Glassell School of Art, Annual Student Exhibition              2019



Custom maps of private places around Texas                                        2014 – present

Recent clients have included Romelia Favrot and Harris Greenwood, 

The Kelsey Family, The Tito’s Vodka Family and many others


Author and illustrator, Max Moves to Moscow

Frances Lincoln Children’s Publisher, 2006



Creator and Teacher, The Art Garage

After-school Art Classes for middle school students                              2020 - present



BA Art History, Princeton University                                                               1995

Glassell School of Art BLOCK Program XXI - XXII                                         2020 - present

Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston                               2004 - present

75 hours of credit towards Certificate of Achievement

Specializing in painting

The New School, Laguna Gloria School of Art, Art League of Houston



Wife and mother of three teenagers

Houston Arboretum, board member and vice president                        2008 - 2020

Buffalo Bayou Partnership, board member                                               2018 - present

Avid gardener

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